The issue of culture finds wide expression in territory of Cerreto, by telling the rich history of the County and its traditions through three main structures. The CEDRAV, Center for Documentation and Research in Anthropology of the Nera Valley and the Umbrian Apennines, housed in the former Monastery of St. James and has a library of about 5,000 publications, a video library of about 250 movies on localities, activities and experiences of interest, a photo library of 8,000 images and a sound library with about 250 sound files recorded in Umbria since 1954. The second cultural center is the Museum of Ciarlatan, one of the sites of the Ecological Museum of Umbrian Apennines, which has its headquarters in the complex of St. Nicholas and aims to illustrate the historical figure of the charlatan and to document the manifestations of popular theater and the street entertainment, with reworking and repurposing. Last the striking Museum of the Mummies of Borgo Cerreto, which preserve twenty-three mummies of men, women and children and, being also a documentation center dedicate to "Baronio Vincenzi", aims to be a center for science and culture which explores the life and work of the doctor and surgeon working in Cerreto between the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century and, at the same time, exhibits a substantial collection of anthropological finding.