Folklore and events, exhibitions, festivals and re-enactments. The history, religion and traditions come together and give rise to evocative and fascinating moments. Cascia with the Feast of Saint Rita and the Exhibition of Saffron, the Flowering of Castelluccio and the Exhibition of black truffle from Norcia, nativity scenes and the festival “Bread, Ham and Fantasy” in Preci, “Festivallo” and  the cheese festival from Vallo di Nera, the Festival of Spelt of Monteleone di Spoleto, the Festival of Floriculture in Sant'Anatolia Narco, the Feast of the Charlatan of Cerreto di Spoleto, the Festival of the Madonna of the Star in Poggiodomo, the Feast of the Black Diamond in Scheggino are just some of the numerous celebrations, anniversaries and festivities that every weekend the Nera Valley offers.